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Here’s everything you get with ClipsReel Today:

Turn Any URL Into a Traffic—Getting Video in
3 Simple Steps

Step 01

Enter any URL or paste a piece of content or paste Amazon, eBay, AliExpress or Walmart product page link into the clipsreel video creation page.

Step 02

clipsreel automatically pulls out the highlights of your content, and creates an engaging video in seconds

Step 03

Add music, automatic voice overs, captions, logos and more to your video…
...then tap to download or share on Facebook* and YouTube in seconds... and start getting the "big league" traffic you deserve!

Watch Over Our Shoulder
As We Pump Out a Killer Video
In Seconds With clipsreel…

Cloud Based: works on ANY device, nothing to install or update

In seconds, you can create the same type of videos that are
getting thousands — even millions — of views right now…

We Created These Videos Using clipsreel in Under 60 Seconds…with just 1 click of a button:

Create 100% Unique Videos
Every Single Time!

Even if thousands of people convert the same article or URL into a video, clipsreel will make each video 100% UNIQUE!
Which means you won’t get penalized for dupe content… and you can create an number of videos, for life.

Grab and Hold Attention With
Music, Images, Icons & Fonts

Choose from 40,000 images, 5,000 video clips, 650 background music tracks and 1000 fonts to make your video grab and hold attention like crazy

Choose From 50 Pro Video
That Make Your
Video Pop Off The Page

Choose from 50 eye—catching video frames that match your website branding and grab attention, even on the busiest websites!

Choose From 50 Lower Third Text Or Graphics To Highlight Key Points & Call To Actions

Use these lower third text and graphics for unmissable call to actions or to highlight key points in your videos, just like the major TV studios do!

Add Professional Voice Overs
With Instant Text—To—Speech

Save hundreds of dollars on professional voice overs, expensive microphones or hassles of home recording… and automatically turn your text into a voice over instead! Choose from 50 different voices and languages and bring your videos to life, without recording a single word. Wait! Still want your own voice on video? No problem. Just record it then add it to the video, in a couple of clicks inside clipsreel.

Add Captions To Suck In
Facebook Viewers… Even
When Your Video Is Muted!

Stop Facebook scrollers in their tracks with captioned videos that get watched from start to finish… even when your video is muted!

Add Sub-Titles To Reach
Untapped Audiences!

Add Sub Titles to your video and reach foreign speaking audiences or people with hearing impairments — huge audiences that your competitors are overlooking!

Add Trust—Building Branding With Logos & Watermarks

Professional branding makes your videos stand out, look professional and win trust. Plus, they stop your competitors stealing your hard work.

Render For Perfect Playback

Choose output format, dimension, FPS and more to create fast loading, great looking videos that look awesome on any platform.

Export Videos To “Viral GIFs”
That Get Shared Like Crazy

Video GIFs are “animated memes” that social media users love, like and share! Use clipsreel to instantly turn your new video into a moving meme that grabs attention and gets shared like crazy.

Create 100s Of Videos &
Dominate Your Niche Faster
Than Ever…

clipsreel allows you to create as many videos as you want… so you can flood YouTube and Facebook, Instagram and Google with videos that drive insane amounts of traffic to your websites and offers.

Create Short Or Long Videos
With Zero Restrictions!

clipsreel converts any URL or text into an engaging video that can be as short or long as you like. Create any style video, for any situation, without restrictions!

Download Videos
To Your Hard Drive

Every video you create with clipsreel can be downloaded to your hard drive whenever you want, so it’s yours to keep forever and share whenever and wherever you want.

Instantly Share Your Video On
Facebook* & YouTube
In a
Single Click!

Ready to open the traffic floodgates? Tap a button to instantly share your new video on Facebook fanpages* and YouTube, without leaving the clipsreel dashboard or even firing up your browser!

Hit The Order Button Below & Give
Yourself a Massive Shortcut To
Cranking Out Traffic—Getting
Videos, In Any Niche!

With clipsreel
You Can’t Fail
And Here’s Why…

The more videos you put out there…
… the more people will see them!

By flooding YouTube, Facebook and your own website with engaging videos… you’ll start showing up in more searches, newsfeeds, related videos, and being everywhere!

And when you have a powerful tool that pumps out dozens of videos per hour, you really can’t fail…

  • Dominate YouTube with hundreds of traffic—getting videos on your channel and become an instant authority in any niche
  • Grab eyeballs on Facebook newsfeeds with captioned videos that are engaging and useful
  • Boost your organic Google traffic up to 157% with SEO boosting videos that people want to watch
  • Explode your optins up to 45% by adding these videos to your landing pages
  • Create videos in minutes and sell them to clients for $50 a pop... over and over again! ever!
  • Absolutely ZERO video skills needed, ever!

Ready To Rock This?

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Secure Your Copy Of clipsreel
Before It’s Too Late!

  • Personal use license

  • 100 Renders per day

  • Create Auto Storyboards

  • 40,000 Images in ImageLibrary

  • 5,000 Video Clips in VideoLibrary

  • 650 Background Music in MusicLibrary

  • 1,000 Professional Fonts in FontLibrary

  • Text ­ to ­ Speech with 50 Voices & Accent

  • Multi ­ Lingual

  • Publish on YouTube

  • Publish on Facebook Pages

  • Create Square Videos for Facebook

  • Create GIFs from the Videos Created

  • Advanced Tracking & Stats

  • No Monthly Payment
SpyCom - ClipsReel ACE


Q. Do I really need to use video to be successful online?

Ans. — No, but it helps... massively. Within the next few months, your competitors will be posting more and more videos than ever... and stealing your customer’s hearts, minds and wallets from under your nose.
Without video, you, me and every marketer on this planet is going to get drowned out in the noise......
paying more than ever for ad clicks, struggling to get seen in Google, getting buried in Facebook newsfeeds, and becoming ghosts of the past on social media. I don’t want that to happen to you, me, or anyone.

Q. How many videos can I create?

Ans. — As many as you want! There’s absolutely no limit on the number of videos you can create. We encourage you to create as many as possible, to dominate niche with videos, drown out the competition and be “seen everywhere” for maximum traffic, leads and sales from day one.

Q. How does it work?

Ans. — ClipsReel uses groundbreaking A.I technology to instantly transform any URL or piece of text into an engaging video, by grabbing the critical pieces of info from the webpage or text to create an engaging storyboard. Once the video is ready, you can add music, captions, voice overs, before sharing with the world and sending easy traffic to your business. There’s no technical skills or creativity needed. If you can push a button, you can create awesome videos in seconds from now!

Q. How is ClipsReel different to other ‘URL to video’ converters?

Ans. — First, it’s one of the easiest URL to video converters you’ll ever see. There’s no weird screens or complicated tech jargon. And it just works, glitch free, every time.
But there’s more. clipsreel is loaded with bonus features to turn your fresh new video into something special... a video that can’t be ignored.
Add music, images, branding and logos, captions, lower thirds, realistic sounding voice overs to grab attention and convert more viewers into leads and buyers.
Turn your videos into viral—ready gifs (aka “video memes”) for easy social traffic...create unlimited videos... short videos... super long videos... so you can win eyeballs, hearts, minds and wallets in any niche and in any situation.

Q. How long can a video be?

Ans. — As long as you need it to be! Short, long, it doesn’t matter. Just paste in a URL or piece of text and let clipsreel convert it into an engaging video in seconds!

Q. Can I really do this without any technical or creative skills?

Ans. — Yep. clipsreel is specifically designed for anyone who hates the technical side of video... and needs a simple way to turn any URL or piece of text into a video that gets more traffic and increases conversions. If you can push a button or paste a URL/text into a box, you’re fully qualified!

Q. Will I have trouble using Facebook features due to their recently App recalls?

Ans. — Yes and no. Facebook recently recalled all their app developers to get their Facebook apps re­approved. clipsreel FB app is under approval process as well but since Facebook has a huge backlog of app to review, this might take some time. As of now, you can use Facebook functions by creating your own apps (subject to Facebooks approval). Once clipsreel app is 100% approved, you won’t need to create your own and integration would be seemless.

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Introducing The Sneaky Video Squeeze Page Maker! The money is the in the list. That's what many successful online entrepreneur's are saying. And if you are not doing it also, you are leaving a lot of money in front of you. The question is that, how are you going to build a list? Well, the most effective way to do it is by using video squeeze pages.

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